Hedda Gabler 1963 - Ibsen's immortal classic featuring Ingrid Bergman in the title role

Ingrid Bergman and Michael Redgrave in Hedda Gabler (1963)

IMDB Rating: 7,3

Director: Alex Segal
Main Cast: Ingrid Bergman, Michael Redgrave, Ralph Richardson, Trevor Howard

"In one of the great dramatic roles in all of theater, the always magnificent Ingrid Bergman seethes with frustrated ambition. Hedda Gabler is a woman who, for financial security, has married an earnest and dutiful academic who lacks the passion and imagination that drive Hedda. When Eilert Lovborg (Trevor Howard), a former lover, returns to their city, she discovers that a new woman has rescued him from his alcoholism and given him the strength to write a brilliant book. Consumed with jealousy, Hedda seizes an opportunity to ruin Lovborg's life - and by doing so, places herself in the power of the glib and predatory Judge Brack (Ralph Richardson), who longs to have his way with her.
This 1963 British television version of Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler is skillfully condensed into a taut 75 minutes, fantastically played by the superb cast (which also includes Michael Redgrave). Bergman and Richardson, in particular, draw out every drop of hidden resentment and lust."

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