A carol for another Christmas 1964 - Joseph L. Mankiewicz's first work for television

IMDB Rating: 6,8

Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Main Cast: Sterling Hayden, Eva Marie Saint, Ben Gazzara, Barbara Ann Teer, Steve Lawrence, James Shigeta, Pat Hingle, Robert Shaw, Peter Sellers, Britt Ekland

"A Carol for Another Christmas is a 1964 American television movie, scripted by Rod Serling as a modernization of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and a plea for global cooperation between nations. Presented without commercial interruptions, this 'United Nations Special' was sponsored by the Xerox Corporation, the first of a series of Xerox specials promoting the UN. It was telecast only once, on December 28, 1964. The only TV movie ever directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, this was the film in which Peter Sellers gave his first performance after suffering a series of near-fatal heart attacks in the wake of his marriage to Britt Ekland. Sellers portrayed a demigod in an apocalyptic Christmas. Sterling Hayden, who costarred with Sellers in Dr. Strangelove earlier that year, was also featured.  Henry Mancini wrote the theme music, which was recorded for his 1966 holiday LP, A Merry Mancini Christmas."

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