An enemy of the people 1966 - A scathing indictment of a corrupt society

IMDB Rating: 7,8

Director: Paul Bogart
Main Cast: James Daly, Kate Reid, Philip Bosco, Tim Daly, Barbara Dana

"Arthur Miller's celebrated adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's powerful drama was brought to the small screen in this production staged for television. An Enemy of the People stars James Daly as a doctor living in a small town in Norway. The local economy depends on the success of a spa offering waters from a nearby spring, which are believed to have a healing effect. But the doctor discovers the waters are not only not healthy, they have been polluted with potentially deadly toxins; however, his attempts to alert the townspeople are challenged by the city fathers, who are more concerned with the financial health of the community than its physical well-being. Kate Reid and Philip Bosco appear in the supporting cast." - www.allmovie.com

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