Evening primrose 1966 - Fascinating early Sondheim musical

Charmian Carr and Anthony Perkins in Evening primrose (1966)

IMDB Rating: 7,5

Director: Paul Bogart
Main Cast: Anthony Perkins, Charmian Carr, Dorothy Stickney, Larry Gates

"Evening Primrose is a musical with a book by James Goldman and lyrics and music by Stephen Sondheim. It is based on a John Collier short story published in the 1951 collection Fancies and Goodnights.
The musical focuses on a poet who takes refuge from the world by hiding out in a department store after closing. He meets a community of night people who live in the store and falls in love with a beautiful young girl named Ella. Bizarre complications arise when the leader of the group forbids their relationship.
Written specifically for the television anthology series ABC Stage 67, it aired on November 16, 1966; directed by Paul Bogart and telecast in color."

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