Calamity Jane 1963 - Part of the Carol Burnett Special

Carol Burnett in the title role of Calamity Jane (1963)

IMDB Rating: 7,7

Director: Dick Altman
Main Cast: Carol Burnett, Art Lund, Bernard West

"For her first comedy special of the season, Carol Burnett plays Calamity Jane, a Western wildflower with a penchant for buckskin, brawling and back-slapping. She also drives the local stagecoach, quells a barroom rebellion and even falls in love - with calamitous results.
Carol first played Calamity in summer stock during 1961, when Sammy Fain and Paul Francis Webster augmented their 1953 movie score ( which starred Doris Day).  Phil Shuken adapted the book for television adding more ribald humor to the original. Dick Altman and choreographer Ernest Flatt directed. Joe Hamilton (Carol's husband) was the producer.
The witty dialog crackles and the song favorites include - 'Secret Love' ( as a finale-duet!), 'Windy City', 'Deadwood Stage', 'I Can Do Without You', 'Keep It Under Your Hat', 'Higher Than A Hawk', 'A Woman's Touch'   and others."

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