The scarface mob 1959 - Brutal, violent and a perfectly cast Robert Stack

IMDB rating: 7,3

Director: Phil Karlson
Main Cast: Robert Stack, Keenan Wynn, Barbara Nichols, Pat Crowley, Neville Brand

"The Scarface Mob was the major two-part television event that ushered in the famed crime series, The Untouchables, in 1959. Phil Karlson - who had directed noted film noirs such as Scandal Sheet, Kansas City Confidential and 99 River Street - was the director of the two-part pilot for the Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse production company, which, with Desi Arnaz, produced I Love Lucy. Referred to as The Untouchables: Part 1 and The Untouchables: Part 2, the TV episodes were later shown theatrically as one feature. Narrated by the resolutely earnest Walter Winchell, The Scarface Mob (and later The Untouchables television series) was a crisply black-and-white cops-and-robbers crime analogue with strong noirish stylistic flourishes and undertones. The Scarface Mob promised an entirely tougher, grittier television series for viewers."

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