The consul 1960 - Cold war atmosphere with wonderful performances

American soprano Patricia Neway in The consul 1960

IMDB Rating: 7,7

Directors: Bill Butler, William A. Graham
Main Cast: Patricia Neway, Chester Ludgin, Evelyn Sachs, Leon Lishner

"Movie fans who don't cotton to opera may find The Consul an exception. This rarity, filmed for TV in 1960, presents Gian-Carlo Menotti's searing opera in mostly uncinematic terms, it's true, but the intensely melodramatic and moving story that forms its core should be very attractive to fans of Cold War dramas and stories of intrigue. opera purists have tended to sniff a bit at The Consul, and it's true that portions are not as musically potent as might be desired. It's also true that the opera climaxes with the shattering "To This We've Come" aria in the second act, and that the lengthy nightmare sequence that comprises the bulk of the third act falls a little short of paying off. On the whole, however, the sheer power of the piece makes up for its musical or dramatic shortcomings. Having been shot for television pretty much from an on-stage vantage point, some may find it a trifle stagy and visually uninteresting. Fortunately, The Consul has an ace up its sleeve that renders this and all other complaints meaningless -- the shattering performance of Patricia Neway in the leading role. Neway is, in a word, magnificent, delivering a harrowing, wrenching performance that leaves the viewer drained. The rest of the cast is competent, sometimes more, but it's Neway that matters. This legendary performance alone makes The Consul worth seeing." - www.allmovie.com

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