The anatomist 1956 - Concerning with moral and ethical dilemmas

Scene from TV movie, The anatomist (1956)

IMDB rating: 6,0

Director: Dennis Vance

Main Cast: Alastair Sim, George Cole, Adrienne Corri, Jill Bennett

"Usually listed in reference books as a theatrical release made in 1961, this actually debuted on British TV (on the series ITV Play of the Week) in 1956 but may have played theatrically later on. It's yet another retelling of the famous real-life Burke and Hare West Port Murders. Burke and Hare were a pair of scuzzy, low-life Edinburgh grave robbers and murderers who supplied a medical doctor with fresh corpses for his experiments. The duo were the basis for at least a dozen other films and the story was and still remains very popular in the UK. One of the first film adaptations to touch on the subject matter was the classic Val Lewton production The body snatcher (1945)."

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