Meet me in St. Louis - 1959 - A charming remake of the classic version

IMDB rating: 7,2

Director: George Schaefer
Main Cast: Tab Hunter, Jane Powell, Jeannie Crain, Patty Duke, Myrna Loy, Walter Pidgeon, Reta Shaw, Ed Wynn

"A television version of the beloved 1944 MGM classic film musical, Meet Me in St. Louis depicts the year before the 1904 World’s Fair in the life of the Smith family. The family is put into a tailspin when father Alonzo (Walter Pigeon) announces they will be moving to New York City without consulting his wife Anna (Myrna Loy) or the rest of the brood.  In the meantime, eldest daughter Rose (Jeanne Crain) is upset because her boyfriend Warren (Donald Symington) has not yet proposed to her. 17-year-old Esther (Jane Powell) is romanced by the boy next door (Tab Hunter), while little Tootie (Patty Duke) continues her preoccupation with death." 

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